How to use AppDash to land your dream job

  1. Search
  2. Review
  3. Plan
  4. Apply
  5. Update
  6. Decide

Part 1/6: Search

This part is actually fun–and AppDash makes it easy. Spend a few minutes on any job search site seeing what’s out there in whatever field interests you.

You can even search from within AppDash and we will show you jobs directly from ZipRecruiter’s database.

If you see something you like, save it to your dashboard in a few simple steps. If you are searching from within AppDash, just click the “Save to dashboard” button. If the job listing is from a supported site, use the Autofill feature. Otherwise, enter the data manually using the “Add new” button on your dashboard.



You’ll have a full dashboard in no time!

When you get bored, take a break!

Part 2/6: Review

Reviewing the listings is an important step and AppDash makes it significantly easier.

Focus on the listing’s description and requirements. Make sure you will be able to sell yourself as a good fit for the role. If you wouldn’t take the job, or if the requirements don’t in any way match your experience, delete it from your dashboard and let it fade from your memory. Something better is out there.

As you are reviewing your jobs, if you decide to keep a job, give it a rating. AppDash subscribes to a 5-star rating system.


1-Star: I would take this job if life requires it and nothing else is available. Nothing about it enthuses me. It’s “bad”.

2-Stars: I would take this job over another one on my list, but I wouldn’t be happy about it. There is something good about this job, but I don’t love it. It’s “meh”.

3-Stars: I would take this job. It is worth the amount they will pay me for it. It’s “fine”.

4-Stars: I would like to take this job. I would actually be happy doing it and appreciate the fact that I am doing it. It’s “good”.

5-stars: I would love to take this job. It matches my current career goals, and I would enjoy doing the work. It’s “awesome”.

You are welcome to use your dashboard as you like, but here is one suggestion of a useful rating scheme.

When you have reviewed a nice batch of jobs, take a break.

Part 3/6: Plan

For each of your top-rated (4-5 star) jobs, make a to-do list with all of the steps in the application process. AppDash will pre-populate some tasks, but customize the to-do’s to fit the application. There will be a future blog post with more detail about how to plan your application.

Click the notification bell to set a due-date for each task. Give each task as much time as makes sense, but don’t over-do it. You don’t want to lose out on a great job because you procrastinated the application.


Part 4/6: Apply

Check your dashboard periodically. As task due-dates approach, notifications will appear on your dashboard.

When a task is due within seven days, it will appear as a notification on your dashboard. Try not to let anything fall into the Overdue category.

Take a break, and check back for future blog posts giving guides and hints to writing successful resumes and cover letters.

Part 5/6: Update

As you finish your tasks, update your progress on your dashboard.

Add to-do tasks as necessary. You will need to follow-up with recruiters, interviewers, and hiring managers.

The dashboard will give you a quick overview of all of your applications and make sure you do not lose track of anything. Take a break.

Part 6/6 – Decide:

Before you know it you will have a follow-up, an interview, an offer letter.

Now the companies will start fighting over you to take a job, rather than you fighting them to get it. Don’t rush this part.

If you have multiple applications out and are more interested in another job, or merely want leverage for salary negotiations, ask for some time to consider the offer. Many companies will try to rush you, and you may not have a choice, but stand your ground as much as possible.

Once you sign the letter, take a break and celebrate.

You’re done! You’ve landed a great job, and you can now recommend AppDash to your friends. Feel free to use the landing page contact form to let me know about your AppDash successes!

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