Author: Brian Guggenheimer

Adding a job from a supported site to your dashboard

AppDash lets you fill in job information from anywhere by entering the information in yourself. We know that can be painstaking work though, and we use technology to save you time! This post will show you how to use the built-in Autofill feature to instantly add jobs from any of our supported.

Step 1: Find a job that interests you. We are using Indeed for this example, but feel free to use any of the other sites. The process is the same. More…

The AppDash Bookmarklet

What are we talking about?

One useful but easily overlooked feature of AppDash is the AppDash bookmarklet.

Located next to the job posting url, this tantalizing button seems to do nothing more than fill the space. However, it is a key feature that will make your job search much, much easier.

What does it do?

The bookmarklet is designed to be dragged onto your bookmark toolbar. When you find an interesting job listing on another site, you then click the bookmark and a new tab will open to the job submission form, with all of the information that AppDash is able to autofill. Use this in conjunction with our supported job hunting sites, and you will soon have your dashboard filled in like a pro.

That’s it! Happy hunting!